potato powder snack bar there is such a food and beverage enterprises, the main potato products, characteristics of all kinds of potato products, potato products lovers paradise. Here you can enjoy all kinds of pasta taste experience. It is the potato powder shop

sister and the potato powder shop main business: potato jelly, potato vermicelli, potato casserole, casserole casserole Sliced noodles, potato powder Sliced noodles with two main potato products. High quality refined potato starch and potato products sister restaurant management company mainly used products in Northwest China and its unique flavor, mellow and refreshing smooth, soft and attractive chatter bars. The company used eight hundred Qinchuan pepper origin is located in the Guanzhong Plain, is China’s most high-quality pepper production base, production conditions, which can not be replaced, known as the famous "Qinchuan chili" taste, spicy and delicious, rich in more than and 10 kinds of trace elements. We summarize in our traditional technology, combined with modern high-tech developed a "sister" special chili oil and soup ingredients and unique seasonings, the formation of siblings unique flavor characteristics, by the majority of customers praise, in the community formed a good reputation.

potato powder was founded in April 18, 2001, is located in Henan City, Zhengzhou province Jinshui four road and Huayuan Road road intersection. After four expansion of development, and now the business area has reached more than and 300 square meters, can accommodate more than 300 people dining. In November 2001, "sister" trademark to the State Administration for Industry and commerce to apply for registration success. Through several years of development, "the sister" in the development of chain stores across the country has exceeded 100, founded the chain road to "flavor" cuisines featuring. In October 2004, "the sister" potato powder store in Henan Province Food Industry Association held the first Henan Dahe flavor delicacy Festival contest was named "Henan famous flavor" title.

potato powder so reliable to join the brand, in the end is how to join it? Join and what need to pay attention to place? Look down:

, a way to join

County entrance fee 12800 yuan, trademark fee of $3000 / year;

prefecture level city join fee 13800 yuan, trademark fee of 4000 yuan / year;

capital city to join the fee 15800 yuan, trademark fees of $5000 / year.

two, company distribution list

machine, a casserole and a "sister and brother" trademark logo tableware 100 sets.

three, late business guidance and services

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