in our daily life, a country’s science and technology plays an important role in the development of a country, only a country’s scientific and technological development, in order to have a stronger military strength. The eleventh session held in Zhuhai China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, the reporter learned that the first fixed wing UAV’s flight test in the number of clusters of 67 aircraft before breaking maintained by the U.S. Navy 50 fixed wing UAV aircraft cluster number record.

"swarm intelligence" as a disruptive technology, has been regarded as the military power of military intelligence core, is the future of unmanned combat breakthrough. Intelligent unmanned systems expert Zhao Jie said: Chinese break the fixed wing maintained by the U.S. Navy UAV cluster formation flight record, indicates that China has made a breakthrough in this field, enter the first echelon of global unmanned systems technology.

With the enhancement of China’s comprehensive national strength,

has made remarkable achievements in many fields of science and technology. The control of UAV group as a whole has broad prospects for future UAV combat and application. Compared with the single platform, the UAV group has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost and high efficiency. In the course of confrontation, when some of the individual lose combat capability, the entire cluster can continue to carry out combat missions.

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