although the time has come to November, the students have to go to school for some time, however, as long as there is no holiday time, can become the major retail business opportunities. As our retail households how to seize and cultivate the school season, has become a new focus. Today we talk about how to seize the opportunity to start school, deep school season? The following big boss to sit together from a variety of angles to introduce their business philosophy and sales experience, and from all over the country to share the exchange of retail friends:

Tanghe County of Henan province Qi instrument Golden Sunshine School 20 meters cigarette retailers Jiang Zhenhua

autumn footsteps getting closer and closer, with the gradual removal of the heat, the students will be the beginning of the school began to walk into the school, we as a retail Household how to seize the good business opportunities?

my shop is located in the 6 meters of the school, the school bus in the sunshine elementary school, often in my door at the entrance of the school, the school is located at the gate of the school, the school is located at the gate of the school, 20 meters. In order to seize the favorable opportunity of school, I shop to buy a lot of kids eat snacks, such as candy, sugar, sugar, oil, sugar QQ Swiss roll…… In order to facilitate the child’s parents rest here to me, I was still in front of the store up to two four angle account, the right of the door near the shop had two sunshade, at an angle of four tents and sunshade I put a few tables and chairs.

whether it is hot in summer, or in the cold winter, there are a lot of students and parents to send students would come to my shop to stay for a while, some simply sit and talk for a while, the students talk about recent study or home chores, so for a long time, I and they have become acquaintance. It has become the parents talk about the object.

I shop every day to open the door early, especially in the early days of the summer is very bright, and I will open the business hours in 5:30 open. Close the door at around 11 p.m.. This can meet the needs of parents and children xu. Especially in the morning, I get up very early, the students love delicious snacks such as hot dogs, tea egg, bread, milk cup…… Are placed in the store’s most prominent counters, some students as little as possible to put a little lower, so that students can reach out. There are some students who live at school, can score some more cheaper washbasin, thermos bottle water cups towel, toothbrush toothpaste and other necessities of life.

before school, I will be a week ahead of the shop to buy Stationery, all kinds of jigsaw puzzle, you can develop the intelligence of students, improve students’ thinking ability. In addition, I shop in the purchase of the whole school supplies, but also pay attention to the needs of parents, I shop during the opening period, a large number of cigarettes purchased to meet the different needs of different parents.

Tanghe County of Nanyang City, Henan province

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