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relatively fast exit quietly and comment to be incorporated sad sad, Yang Haoyong quit this afternoon can be regarded as a natural ceremony. The conference only surprise is that the old Yao and yang two people "true" hug, looks a little parting atmosphere.

Two hours

Yang Haoyong officially announced to the outgoing 58 market group before CEO, Yao Jinbo also jokingly said to him: "why don’t we like Zhang Tao, embrace together cry, will be on the headlines." But the joke is always a winner to be able to afford to open, Yang Qi brewing for a long time or said: "cry out."


conference, not too much emotional words, nor too sentimental message, Yang Haoyong just calmly said, "58 go to Yao Jinbo, I am very assured. The next stage, I will concentrate on the second-hand car will focus on this tough battle, for me personally, I love the feeling of war. At the same time, I will also pay attention to the long-term development of the market in 58, major decisions in the group."

but placid is behind the Riptide, in order to go to the market for ten years of struggle of Yang Haoyong, how will let

so quiet?

58 and the market was founded in the same year, it is the fate of the opponent. Yao Jinbo also said in an interview a half jokingly said: "I think Hao Yang Chung more time than the time to my wife." It is said that at the end of 2013, just after 58 IPO, the brilliance of Yao Jinbo to find Yang Haoyong talks. At that time the market is classified information in the field of the second, but faster growth prospects are not bad, Yang Haoyong refused. Thinking of going beyond the opponent’s Yang, never thought of losing listed opportunity is lost all chance, two years after leaving his hand in the culture market.

in 2014, with the rise of the vertical O2O platform, classification of information service platform 58 market segments that are forced to a large number of development. Looking around the old rivals also face more look at fiercely as a tiger does, the stress of combat, two people finally in lobbying by capital to sit at the negotiating table. From both sides say convertible idea to the formal merger, but also spent a short period of two months.

April 17, 2015, the city of 58 to $412 million 200 thousand in cash and 34 million shares of newly issued ordinary shares by way of purchase of ganji.com fully diluted 43.2% stake. After the merger of 58 city market share will reach more than 70%, industry leadership will be unmatched. Although both sides said 58 city and Ganji two companies will keep the brand independent, website and team continue to maintain independent development and operation, but the industry still have that second exit is only a question of time. But compared to other mergers and acquisitions, this time, come more slowly, more calm, more firm.

the day before yesterday afternoon, Hao Yang Chung announced retiring 58 fair CEO with.

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