business has now become more and more people’s choice, and the fierce competition in the market, leading to the business of this market is not good, want to be successful, we must understand the business strategy. With the development of economy, consumer demand for commodities has diversified, the places of consumption and consumption environment are increasingly high requirements, as a retailer, in order to profit customers, increase the store’s popularity, wealth, must be based on market demand, to provide targeted services.

recently, the author in order to understand the operation of cigarette retail customers, with retail customers in the actual operation of the key retail clients to focus on the visit, a special retail customers – Zheng Keliang was found in the visit. Zheng boss two couples jointly operates a convenience store, and special boss Zheng is husband and wife two people’s cultural level is not high, but his business is the best in the vicinity of the retail customers, around 500 a month to cigarette sales, on board to visit Zheng old. The author and Zheng boss an in-depth conversation, he said his "three excellent", "three good" business strategy.

Optimization of

shop environment, effectively attract consumers. I used to shop is a grocery store type, but the store is a mess, the two is of poor health, so to my store to buy things for the people is not much later, I looked at the shopping malls and supermarkets inside the city, there is not only many people and business is very good, in this regard, I think, why can’t I do that?


figured out how to do, I began operations, re purchase of shelves, and all the goods are placed to partition, let people buy things more convenient, at the same time, every day I have to clean the two health, make my store goods not only clean, but shopping environment has greatly improved, thus the effective way to attract the consumers, increase my popularity.

to provide quality products, highlighting the integrity. The quality of goods directly affects the consumer’s patronage. I in order to ensure the quality of the goods, in the commodity into the purchase will carefully check the supplier’s reputation and product reputation, quality assurance, all goods at the same time, I was still in front of the store hanging fake a penalty ten, reporting prize "sign, further demonstrates my honesty.

optimization of commodity structure to protect consumer demand. With the improvement of people’s living standards, consumer demand for commodities is also diversified, in order to ensure that consumers can buy what they need in my shop, I on the commodity structure optimization, to ensure the high, medium and low-grade brand and product range, meet the needs of different groups of people, so that consumers will not be lost.

shop business not only to complete the product, to ensure the credibility, at the same time, I think we should do "three diligence", so as to be more in line with consumer demand.

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