September 1, 2016, "Newell U+, bloom dream – the Haier U+ hit off the contest the second season and ecological forum ShangHai Railway Station" in Shanghai Exhibition Center opened, following the second quarter hit off the contest after the opening ceremony, Haier U+ smart open platform together again from industry associations, a speculative structure, incubation platform the mysterious large coffee, and Shanghai intelligent Home Furnishing industry representatives, creating groups and members of the news media more than 150 people gathered in Home Furnishing intelligent development, to create customized projects to solve problems, to jointly work out more in line with the user expectations of future intelligent Home Furnishing experience. The second quarter hit off the contest since July 15th open enrollment has received widespread attention, and actively apply all over the country to create customer response, striving to be "U+ partner". Only one month, the official website of the contest registration record passenger flow reached million, more than 5000 people enrolled in the voting session project reached more than 100, the scale and the project quality are significantly beyond the first quarter over the same period the level of competition.


U+ wisdom open platform to create a comprehensive customer force in the second quarter of the season and then a record high

As one of the

hit off the contest organizers of the Haier U+ smart open platform, open platform is the wisdom of life the world’s first fully open interaction and the whole industry chain, from the wisdom of life U+ platform, using U+ IOT platform U+ interactive platform, U+ ecological platform, designed by the interconnection of multiple interactive entrance, to create a win-win situation. Open platform resources, and products and services combined with ecological scene ecological model, provides the kitchen, bathroom, living delicacy care, security, entertainment and other ecosystem services for users, create a better life wisdom scene experience. At the same time the formation of the value of the closed-loop system inside the smart home ecosystem, contributing to the downstream interests of the industry chain and the value of the formation of a customer group, create win-win situation.

with the U+ platform influence continues to expand, in order to continue to absorb the vitality and value innovation projects into U+ ecosystem, keep U+ open platform in intelligent Home Furnishing industry leadership, U+ shaping the competitiveness of the industry, since 2015, Haier U+ open platform joint industry chain partners, venture capital institutions, incubator platform jointly launched in order to select excellent creating projects, providing one-stop help hit off the contest hit off of growth. The development of the U+ platform, but also to promote the creation of U+ passenger contest to further enhance the size and depth. The second quarter hit off the contest opened only more than a month time, there are more than 100 items of registration. While the second season competition schedule and awards setting compared to the first quarter will be significantly optimized, after registration before the vote, the 100 finalists project expert scoring, the final 20 project final roadshow in three stages, decide the contest, award 1, award 3, Zhishang Newell award 10 awards three. The number of winners more than the last, the guests in addition to obtain the Haier smart appliances and prizes, as well as the opportunity to get the incubator station, U+ exhibition, media publicity, sharing resources, investment tens of millions of U+ users life circle state expert professional guidance opportunities and to obtain the sea

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