2016 Spring Festival is over, the students will start looking for the starting point of future career life. In order to guide the employment of college graduates entrepreneurship, Hebei human resources and Social Department of the 60 million preset funds to help students find the future direction.

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and venture capital support, entrepreneurial projects and entrepreneurs to provide financial support. Play the core role of venture capital loans to support entrepreneurship, preferred loan projects, focusing on solving college students, to the production capacity of unemployed people, precise poverty alleviation object of the initial funding difficulties. To raise the loan guarantee fund and lending outstanding performance of the city, county (District), to give a certain amount of money award. Set up provincial college graduates employment guidance fund. Invested 60 million yuan in 2016, reached $100 million within 3 years, through market-oriented operation, in line with the direction of the development of the industry to provide students with independent venture

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