are living a better life, all of their own living environment is getting more and more attention, many people love to buy some flowers and plants to decorate their own small home, the fleshy succulent plants is loved by everyone, today want to talk about a young Internet selling meat, can earn 30 thousand a month inspirational the story.

found business opportunities

talked about history of succulent plants operating, Wang Yibo that he found opportunities in love. In 2009, Japan settled sister took a pot of Succulents to Wang Yibo, just to see the meat Wang Yibo was the adorable stay adorable styling attracted. I grew up with, the original pot has to hold. In order to let the little plant grow better, Wang Yibo broke off a few leaves planted in a small basin. After a few days, he was pleasantly surprised to find that these little guys take root, sigh to the tenacious vitality of meat. Later, Wang Yibo went to see the market as long as a flower pots of meat will buy back home, the balcony became a small bonsai garden.

in the meat in the process, Wang Yibo found the succulent plants in Wendeng local market or vacancy, so he decided to resign from the real estate sales, investment about 300000 yuan to start raising meat, and opened a Taobao shop.

learning photography to attract business

due to planting Succulents in rural areas, the remote location, so most of the orders from the Internet, even though the plants are well taken care of, the pot is also very good collocation, but photography equipment and technology is always slightly better, so at first the shop did not bring a lot of customers for Wang Yibo. In order to improve the photo technology, Wang Yibo bought a SLR camera, learning photography. Slowly his Taobao store a variety of small fresh meat, bring a lot of orders for him, near some customers also personally drove to his fleshy flowers shed flesh. After some painstaking efforts, Wang Yibo’s Taobao shop can bring 20 thousand yuan to the current monthly income of 30 thousand yuan for him.

however, in August last year a month of continuous rainy weather, let the garden a lot of dead meat. Seeing a dead meat, Wang Yibo felt very uncomfortable. He draw a lesson, put up a shed, Zhefengdangyu for meat.

Wang Yibo said that in fact we Yantai and Weihai is very suitable for raising meat here, the temperature difference is big, can naturally form nice color, although the south temperature grows fast, but there is no diurnal temperature difference, is not as good as long. He picked up a pot of about 40 cm high wizard refers to you see this basin magician much longer noble, elegant, there was a person out of 1000 yuan to buy, I did not sell, because of growing meat is quite long, but as this basin takes four or five years to grow.

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