although I have repeatedly issued with everyone said how to update the article will be Baidu fast included, also gives the operation process and the – Jun visible before the update of the article "how to update the article will be Baidu fast included the specific methods of


however, it may be that the title is not attractive, and it may be that the article has written a lot of steps for the big and complete, so it has not attracted much attention.

this is not, a few days ago, I have to contact a cattle enterprise alliance adorable friends, referring to her own website was not updated for a long time, mainly rely on pay promotion, is free now, want to do free promotion. A few days ago in the website has been updated 3 articles, however, have not been included, come to ask me.

I would not hesitate to tell her the steps (before I have said a lot about updating SEO related skills, SEO blog was too busy and rarely updated), indeed, she follow my steps, had told me a few days, all the be included! The following are my chats with her:

– chats in August 6th –



– feedback in August 14th *


what method? What steps? Complex? Is it difficult? I’m new, can I?

this method is actually very simple, new people can operate, I was completely not SEO, a cattle told me. I follow this method to operate the article, basically are included in 100%. However, I need to emphasize again and again that these 3 steps must be completed, and they are indispensable.

following screenshots from the 2014 Baidu webmaster background, now the style will change, but the basic location unchanged.

the first step, in Baidu Adsense platform active submit url


WeChat screenshot _20160817091234

second step, with Baidu crawl diagnostic tool, grab the next


WeChat screenshot _20160817091208

Why does

do this? What are the benefits of doing this?


can take the initiative to invite Baidu spider to grab your web site article, and the speed is very fast, my own blog, as long as with Baidu grab diagnostic tools, grab the link, less than 1 minutes to come grab. As long as you insist on writing original articles, persist in using this method, I think it won’t take long, your web site’s article will reach the effect of seconds.

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