as more and more young people join the ranks of individual webmasters, all kinds of websites are everywhere. However, the author found that most websites do not pay attention to details, which will inevitably lead to bad user experience.

one, too many websites advertising. One page of advertising is best not more than five, in fact, one to three is the most appropriate. Although China users of the site’s ability to accept ordinary relatively strong, but also have a degree, when he found ads disturb him when access to information, my heart began to dislike this website, come again few opportunities. Of course, if your station is relatively large, it is another matter.

two, only consider technical reasons, do not consider Internet users habits. For example, many sites use sliding door technology, and some have now designed to switch to click, but do not know the Internet users have now accepted the cursor automatically put on the habit of automatically switching. Another example is that many websites, all stations, links are new windows open, this design may not be a failure, but certainly not the best. As for how to design, should be based on the investigation, in line with ordinary Internet users sensory habits, so that users can feel comfortable access.

three, incomplete information on the website. Whether a lot of Internet users trust or trust a website depends on his subjective feelings. At the bottom of the information is very clear, a disclaimer about our journal advertising services contact us Links recruit legal statement and not deal with trouble, this site gives people the feeling is very reliable. And these subjective feelings come from how much he knows about this website. Many websites about our | bottom contact us this kind of text links, but the author found a considerable part of only the form, just link chain to the home page, or simply just an empty link, there is no real information. Standing in the position of common netizen, I want to understand the dependability of a website, it is the explanation that attaches great importance to these websites information. Without this information, or if the site description is not good, then I might lose confidence in the site. It can be said that this small detail determines the user’s confidence in the site or not. This is especially important for e-commerce sites.

four cheat users. Many people put ads in the Google alliance or the Baidu alliance, but mislead or cheat users around with inappropriate text. This is quite undesirable. Maybe this will make you gain more money in the short run, but for a long time, it will be very harmful to the website. Users don’t care much about your website, but when he finds out that he is "fooled" on this site, he feels angry and thinks the site is "unkind."". Can not get people’s Web site, can not do long-term. The best thing to do is to tell the user what this is, for example, the ads on the bottom left of the site are directly advertised as sponsors, which is very wise.

five and other details. For example, this site directly learned the Baidu search Fengyun list of a small practice, >

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