: what do you need to learn in the end? Is there a future for a farmer? This is a question that every IT programmer needs to think about. In general, ordinary programmers tend to walk into a closed circle. Zhu Haitao was also a programmer, after the two venture, deeply impressed by a programmer is not easy to start a business, you need to completely get rid of the programmer’s thinking, our cause is expected to succeed. This article focuses on the next new Chinese programming language – easy language.

this episode we mainly analyze the easy language code farming industry did not earn a lot of money here, why not to earn money? Said code easy language does not make money is not accurate, you earn 100 yuan is to make money, so to say, is the ideal target value to make



The screenshot above

is also tell our programmers code advantage! Easy language is simple, easy to use, soon became a greater advantage, but also points out the disadvantages of code! Actually think carefully, we have what advantage? And what are the disadvantages of /p>? "

1 has the advantage of

familiarity with computer and network, easy to learn the language of the " code; " most of it is for the network POST, data analysis etc. to learn the network, what is the use? Many people learning network is because only the network is the best choice to make money, do a website POST you can do the data for marketing software, without any data based marketing software, you learn nothing better! But most of our " code; ", only stay in the " " code; level, not to how to find resources! This is a problem we should consider the


in the industry view, we code a simple mail list is very simple, but for other industries it is a very big tall program! Look at different angles in different sectors on the achievements of different value of


for example, I joined the school the first day of the king, some people the personal data of the mind map, I also use Baidu map to do one, sent to the group, the group immediately someone replies to praise, said my execution super, here, I never find your execution how strong do a mind map for a programmer is very simple, but for other industries is very tall on the

!We have the advantage of

, but did not reflect the advantage of the value of the value of packaging that is product or that the person is not in place for this class! Buji, can join my code "network marketing group", there are some secret documents and PDF can help you enhance this part of the disadvantages of

!The disadvantage and deficiency of

2 yards

easy language simple entry, quick start, but also bring some drawbacks, a lot of

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