how to create network content value, improve the user’s Web site participation, reduce page bounce rate, is a major problem facing the website construction. Website content construction, for a web site, is essential. The content of the website is the factors users choose to click into the website most competent, a rich content depth level will cause the user to visit the website, website activity and maturity can gradually improve. Therefore, to determine whether a website has the potential for long-term development, and whether the standard of profitability is whether users access to the website after the necessary information, whether it can meet its needs.


from my previous experience in operating websites to talk about, how to create web value content, reduce page bounce rate, for your reference only.

first, the value of the content of the website is critical, it directly determines the page bounce rate. Whether the website’s finance meets the needs of users and enables users to profit from it directly reflects whether the content of the website is valuable or not. The value of the content of the website lies in how much benefits the website can bring to the user. Today, many webmasters have begun to focus on the real user experience, intended to establish a stable and stable user relationship network, allowing users to experience their own, so that users consciously devote themselves to the construction and maintenance of the site. And the premise of user experience is the attraction that website content appeals to the user, can satisfy all sorts of demand of the user. The real operation of a web site, it is necessary to actively create the value of the content of the site, and firmly attract the eyes of users. Webmaster for the construction of the site can not just stay in the network technology level, but also to expand the mind, and constantly add the ink in the belly. The webmaster also need to read the site location related industry knowledge and knowledge fully involved, and the classification of editing to the website, with a simple way to allow users to quickly understand your website system. In addition, the depth of access to the user, communicate with users, understand the user’s needs, and fully mobilize the brain, according to user needs, innovative, rich and perfect the content of the site. Many webmaster will be confused, can not find what is the real content of website construction, whether there is any shortcut or fixed mode. And I am here to tell you, the website of the content is not static, not what is the way to heaven. What you need to do is to understand the user’s needs patiently, operate according to the user’s needs, create the content value of your website, and highlight the characteristics of your website. So, in order to attract more users to click to enter your web site, you are attracted to the content of the website, the user must be long as their home, long-term and stable access has also become the inevitable result, so that the page out rate will be greatly reduced.

from my point of view, at first my website didn’t have its own features. I wandered around every site, copying and pasting the rest of the site

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