then wrote last year to share my experience of standing for a year (a), because my Baidu space already has a certain popularity. I do not have to go to the post so hard to keep posting, and I just need to update my own Baidu space every day on it. Baidu HI landing at the same time, in the update articles, add articles, will show you the update in the other friends, friends will be the first time to see your updates, you can add some friends, but also can not add more friends, more official titles.

by April, the traffic had reached thousands of IP, and the PV was high, 1:10. Maybe a lot of friends don’t believe it, because I’m a friend, a friend to promote, ha ha, it’s not easy. Soon, some websites, navigation stations, QQ messages, web game advertisers talked to me about cooperation, and I showed them the statistics, and they were willing to give a good price (probably the reason for the high PV). With a small amount of money, I decided to make another movie station. Because this movie station management is more relaxed, only need to spend one or two hours a day to update the work, and the remaining time to promote their new sites.

later met a webmaster on the Internet. It was an ethical movie station. Tens of thousands of IP a day, net income has five, six thousand. Under the temptation of friends, I also changed the film station to "ethics", and sure enough, the flow was particularly crazy, not to promote, a week up to more than 1000 ip. After half a month, my space began to be unable to bear the "flow pressure", and the application pool frequently appeared problems. Forced to put on the handle to save more than 1000 dollars, bought a Japanese space, is 1G (originally used 300M), spent more than 300, the rest of the money used to buy traffic.

talk about the pain of buying traffic:

personal website: I try to find some regular movie stations, cooperation body art sites like, they let me see the statistics, background, IP is very stable, with their monthly Cooperation (cooperation one month), on the third day of cooperation, I see myself in the website advertising becomes blank I’ll go back to open alliance, see the situation, but the account is K number. I can call to ask questions, he said I cheat inside more than 300 dollars on this water. The customer didn’t give me a detailed description of the reason, I think, is likely to flow out of the question, open the statistics, carefully check the website flow background, access to details, that really have a problem, I only visit each IP two ". I can’t find the stationmaster, it’s dark.

flow Alliance: I saw a minimum of 10 yuan traffic union said Chongzhi, you can easily buy traffic to promote their website. Which one does not say so as not to cause trouble?. There are three modes of delivery: pictures, text, and a strange "straight" ad. I spent about more than 200 dollars and put it in picture advertising mode. On the morning of the second day, I logged in

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