graduated 08 years, fortunate enough to get the chance to go to Guangdong to work in the campus recruitment, so when the University for four years is not the end, I started the occupation career path, I studied art design professional, mainly in favor of graphic design, leave the hometown, work at that company in Guangdong that is because this year’s graduates, wages are relatively low, around 1000 per month, I was in the company’s technical department and sales department, mainly with the production company on the billboard of the project, the company is small, our technical department and I is a total of three people, is very busy every day. A graduate of the first job began here, my skill is not limited to the basic knowledge in the school, the society, the real work that university is just a In fact, the real value of knowledge foundation, only to the society to learn, I try to learn new things, work more and more to use, after half a year, my salary rose to 1500, in fact, in Guangdong this place, just barely pay 1500 numbers, but I think that is the accumulation of knowledge and a wage increase is, I did not consider to quit, to continue to work in Guangdong.

work in nearly 2 years, wages rose to 3000, but always feel the lack of what might have been a side, let me forget the pursuit of better things! Leave the hometown a few good sisters at work and I like the most, also started a discussion of this issue, we draw a conclusion. Laotaibuxiao, the home, we are from Hubei, maybe a lot of people know, Wuhan wages are low, but after some friend’s home, in fact a strong ability of people with experience working in Wuhan, his salary is not low, so I came back, let me I did not expect that, in the online vote resume out almost no echo, the two companies call I go to the interview, finally defeated and go, I summed up the shortcomings is that Wuhan is in need of The all-round talent will also be graphic design web pages, and I do in Guangdong that I design PS a picture on the OK, what I found is that many companies now have at least one website as the basis, the company’s products are mostly common promotion do the promotion of online marketing through the website with the line, I know, not the environment to adapt to people, but people need to constantly improve themselves to adapt to the environment, but I really don’t have much contact website, anyway, I will try to improve themselves to adapt to society, so I search site hoping to find learning can provide me with information learning websites on the Internet, found a lot of websites, feel every website has information but not in want of perfection, what, no man is perfect, not to mention people do Out of the site, its essence to its dregs collection demand is the hard truth, so I will be a few websites are saved to the favorites, the first site which I love most is Baidu search, it covers a lot of aspects of the station, it can not only learn the knowledge and technology. You can learn.

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