station after a long day, "mobile phone theme free download" finally row to the first page of Baidu sixth, although the master is so insignificant, but for me it has experienced hardships. I hesitated for a long time before I wrote this article. I know maybe someone will despise me because I’m such a newbie. But I was the courage with you together, please also generous with your criticism.

said to me, some years, vaguely remember that SP is hot in some crazy misappropriating, and I was immersed in the repeated battle inextricably bogged down in StarCraft. When I woke up, I had no choice but to rely on myself to write only a few lines of ASP code, began to find jobs. At that time, for me, the station is for several hundred yuan of wages.

finally made up his mind to be a station, or started the year before, and now the site is inspired by a mobile resource station (, which I will mention later. I feel this kind of station is very rich, I feel woaiwap this station is yellow, it’s a pity. At that time I just went through a failure and always felt like finding something to start from scratch. But as I came over, I found that I had no idea what I would do except to do some websites. I have done a lot of standing with my buddies, and I can’t remember the number. I don’t repeat it here. It’s a failure". Although there are tens of thousands of IP in the middle of the station, but I am sorry, I do not know how to make money, I can only do some Google Adsense, basically only enough to solve the problem of food and clothing. In this case, food and clothing have been helped by many friends. Thanks for not being nominated here, thank you for following them.

can’t help it. Last year, my friend and I finally got tired of it. We started to work in other places. At least we didn’t worry about living for work. Our idea is to go to work and make some stops in our spare time.

has an opportunity to go to work soon. The theme of the mobile phone suddenly became hot. Some leagues found me and asked me to make woaiwap their alliance and tell me how much money I made. I wonder how I found it. It’s not my station. But I know that I am optimistic about the opportunity to come to the station, so my mobile phone theme station quickly online. This line is not allowed, and my mood began to rise and fall.

by learning from the Admin5, I know by the chain of the basic search engine or demise. This time the blog group building, BBS mass effect has been very bad, the role of the chain is also reduced a lot, but can’t find second more effective way. So we gave heart out links to buy money to learn others.

we update the data division, I do not stop, in order to cater to the search engine, later suggested another brother wrote a system task, will be added during the audit and publish data automatically, it looks like all the new data is added. My buddies contact chains every day

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