Watching a show in a well-known human resources director guest interviews before the

, a case of a guest about the impression very deep: a shop to paid to dig a manager over, to achieve rapid increase sales to find when the intention of the election, the incumbent the manager out of the annual salary of 200 thousand olive branch, the manager unmoved. This human resources director did not give up, and once again out of the preferential treatment, want to attract the manager to join, promised as long as the help shop to do the class of the current ten position, reward a car of more than 500 thousand yuan. At last the poaching behavior or failed. Many electricity supplier owners or human resources director are complaining about talent difficult to recruit, especially in the case of outstanding managers, it is difficult to recruit. This fully shows that the electricity supplier industry has become a sunrise industry, as a few years ago, the real estate industry as popular. And want to do as in this case, the manager is as good, no 35 years of precipitation and redouble efforts can not do, but to be a qualified store manager, in fact, not too far away.

generally speaking, the manager’s path of growth starts with customer service, and it takes at least a month to grow from a novice to a qualified customer service. It takes three to six months to grow from a qualified customer service to a gold medal customer service. From the gold medal customer service development into customer service executives, need six months to a year’s time. It takes about two years to grow from a customer service executive to a store manager.

qualified customer service personnel from the novice, at least need to have the following: 1, 80 words per minute; 2, will set the shortcut language; 3, familiar with the background of all operations, such as take price, collocation packages, shelves, baby on the limited time discount, title 4, optimization and so on; to store products very well, if it is to buy a dress, need is very sensitive to the size and material and style for the crowd, can be targeted to make reasonable recommendation; 5, Mandarin is the standard. Because in the process of customer service, inevitably to communicate with buyers, if you can’t speak Mandarin well, it is difficult to complete this process; 6, eloquence is better, after all, often need to deal with customer service rating, if there is no good eloquence, will be holding the buyers go, let alone let buyers modify the difference in assessment; 7, better mentality. Customer service are often met with unreasonable demands of buyers, being scolded is a normal thing, if the mentality is not good, for buyers to dry, easy to lose one’s job; when to become a qualified customer service staff, the monthly salary can reach 2000-3000 yuan.

, from qualified customer service personnel to gold medal customer service, need to have the following ability: know how to analyze the psychological needs of customers. For every word that the buyer says, can respond quickly, respond to the intention of the buyer, try to guide the buyer to follow his own thinking. In the course of the game, in addition to win the trust of buyers, and ultimately achieve the purpose of single order, but also run some of the old customers, to achieve the two and three sales purposes. This kind of customer

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