of traditional industries and the Internet industry integration, not only bring a lot of creating employment opportunities, but also to the many Internet Legion has brought more competition, forcing them to begin urgent to find a way to survive. In the area of Regional Internet, many enterprises lack the reports and exchanges of their products by scientific and technological media. As for some products, there is no rapid growth of products in the first tier cities. The author will start to pay close attention to the development of Regional Internet in the near future. In the near future, some Internet Co and Internet products will be developed better in the field of Internet in Hunan, and their views will be published. This is the author of this series of articles in the first article, the protagonist is the Changsha Evening News said: "that station in Changsha, Shaoshan North Road, serving the national users of the Internet Co" – good bean network.

want to say beans network, you have to talk about the entire food web site industry. If, until today, gourmet web sites have begun to find a way out, then those who have been active food web site, may have ceased to exist. Instead, there are probably many of the current cuisines, APP, and perhaps other types of products. It’s hard to ignore food topics, gourmet topics, and gourmet websites.

in the past few years, delicacy website industry is more to follow the trend of the times, saving power, the development of homeopathy, consolidate its position in the field of delicacy, everything is extremely low, as if the sites are in recent years delicacy has never changed what. But as a new minimally invasive back together, may be able to create disruptive innovations like the delicacy are quietly looking for a way out of the site, may have to explore a number of positive way, the way can help once the delicacy sites are ringing the NASDAQ bell, we can make nothing of it, but the way is beneficial for the industry the development of. The following author with good beans network, public comment and other food web site as an example, and we talk about gourmet web site where the way out?.

from gourmet food web to gourmet community

earlier in the "O2O change food industry, good beans network also have to do product" article, the billion European network first put forward "compared to the traditional media, good bean network from Gourmet web site to food community change" view. In my opinion, from the pure food web to the food community, it is a must for the gourmet websites.

with the rapid development of the Internet, the user perception of the Internet is also rising, the traditional delicacy sites are way to disseminate information, like the WeChat public to transfer the information to the fans, the fans and the fans directly only users in most cases can only passively accept the delicacy website message.

was a popular way of being in the country’s infancy, many years ago, when the Internet was still in its infancy. But the Internet users are now more intelligent, more and more familiar with the Internet after them, will no longer meet the single passive you to transfer information, they will fall for a single medium loyalty, they focus on >

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