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shell network operations director Chen Yan in the shell space salon business share the theme, text edit delete.

is now talking about vertical communities that seem a bit old-fashioned. In the rapidly changing mobile Internet era, the vertical community is more like a seasoned veteran of the mobile Internet, the initial stage, when Web2.0 still confused how to adapt to mobile, vertical community will rise quietly.


investigates its origin, is the mobile Internet connection person more and more, more and more diverse, its interest is different, is more dispersed, regardless of the populace small minority may connect. Vertical communities for specific areas and specific populations emerge as the times require.

The source of vitality and core

vertical community is the user, is originated from the "user", and its subsequent development but also because the user is limited — the vertical segments of the user group does make the community more clear positioning, more targeted.

, but the target subscriber base is not enough, the market is saturated, is a vertical community follow-up development of a "stumbling block."". In the vertical business community has to "the mountain I king" the position of the chiefs, the primary consideration is how to expand the user base, how to seize the core user group, consolidate the extension of second layer user groups at the same time, trying to reach the public users, expand the scale of user groups.

is "user", also "user". The vertical community and the entire community operators have relation to "person" as the core, committed to operating between different levels of users, making it more natural harmony.

but users are becoming more and more complex, and their users are becoming more and more complex, and their behavior habits vary greatly. How to meet these usually have no relevance to the user? What kind of products and means of operations to allow these users to live in peace, but also the collision of more value? This is the most in the "vertical Community Transition" distress.

provides a vertical community development path, and after five years of development, it has become a leader in the field of science communication community. Facing the saturation of the scientific vertical field, it is also looking for opportunities for transformation.

We have a "deja vu"

in the process of difficulties: finally develop KOL wings long hard to fly; the vertical kind of specialized content spread very difficult! How different levels of user interaction between such a high cost……

also has similar questions: how can the user base be limited and how to promote the product? How do you touch the mass users? How to operate?


fortunately, after five years of exploration, it has blaze a new trail, some experience and lessons for reference.

nutshell network, a relatively typical vertical community development path:

The first stage is

, by way of media operations, core authors and users with high-quality content; "

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