today, this topic is what I wanted to talk about a long time ago, talk about their personal website from now on, in terms of the cost of space on the website experience. See, there is no different inspiration for everyone. I’ve been working on personal websites since 05, and until now. In the website space, basically did not spend any money. Most of the time I use the website space is sponsored by my friends, and I am grateful to those who have supported my space. Occasionally bought some space, but also a maximum of 200-300 yuan. The domain name fee + space charge for all websites is not more than 1000 yuan a year. Because I do stand the cost is very low, so it is easy to make the cost back, I often laugh with my friends say, I was 1 months of website income, earned 1 years of cost cost.

early stage, as far as possible to use virtual space

, according to my previous experience, a 300IIS general space, can fully support the amount of 3WIP access per day. This space, I was friends through the gold agent price, as long as 200 yuan a year or so. But I have seen some people who have done pioneering work before, and the site is still in the early stage, and rented the entire server. The site has not been on-line, the cost of the server on 1 years on the million, even if the site on the line, access to advertising revenue is also in the foreseeable future. Therefore, many people begin with a very large cost investment, but the site is not profitable, and thus can not continue for a long time, and finally died.

I used to do animation procedures network forum, every day at IP2W or more, that is, with a virtual space, the same operation is very good. But the premise is that your site type does not particularly consume CPU resources, many friends may not understand what 300IIS means, that is, can support the same time 1 people access request 300. In general, a 3WIP website, there are very few people at the same time access requirements, so more than 2WIP access support, is very easy.

if it is not a functional feature of the site, it must be implemented by its own server. I still suggest you do the early stage, or still use relatively cheap virtual space. General virtual space, to withstand a few thousand IP is no problem, and this space, 300 yuan can buy everywhere. If you rent a server, the cost of the month is several hundred dollars.

makes the lowest cost

for a web site

this paragraph is written to have not done site, but want to do their own new friends to see. A lot of friends who see my blog, there are new people in the Internet Co, there are students?. Some of them know nothing about how to do a website, and the cost of making a website is even less clear. To make a website, in fact, very simple, just 3 steps. Buy a domain name, buy a space, and then download a free website online program, upload to space, made a web site.

has not done the website friend, can feel that the website does not have the very high cost, >

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