After the

[core tip] gets used to the usual search process, some of the basic issues about the process aren’t easy to spot. So, sometimes you have to step back and start looking at the product design of the search from the essential need.

we often use search, and for a long time we are used to the current search process:

search – filter (narrow the scope) – find satisfactory content – click on the entry details page, and if you don’t find a satisfactory item, change the word to continue searching.

After getting used to the

, some basic questions about the process are not so easy to spot. So, sometimes you have to step back and start looking at the product design of the search from the point of view of the nature, so you can find the problems hidden behind the design. Let’s take a look at the current Taobao search standard usage process:

Standard user process for

Taobao search

we think users will use Taobao search, Taobao search is also designed in accordance with this process.



Every search by

users is for searching for babies.

in the search process, constantly narrow the scope of the search, and finally find the baby you want.

Is this the actual search process for



user natural search process

search for a basic hypothesis in the process, this assumption is that the user’s search intention is static, and the search process is constantly trying to modify the query conditions, using a variety of screening results to narrow the search range, until finally found to meet the needs of users of goods. However, from the user survey results, combined with their own search experience, in the process of repeated user search, the search results before the impact of the user’s search needs will change. In this case, the user wants to find in the search process is not only a commodity, there may be a next time can be used to improve the search experience, for example, recommended a new related query (not simple query). Moreover, users in the search process will also find that the scope of their search is a bit too small, should expand the scope of the search, rather than the usual sense of constantly narrowing the scope of the search.



users will continue to learn to explore in the search process, according to their own query and search results, continue to deepen their understanding of the search results to the user, in the process of search intention will continue to clear up.

when the intent is not clear, what the user wants might and >

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