is now the number of individual owners in the increasing trend has been a trend which cannot be halted because of the Internet business! There are many advantages for individuals to start, including the initial investment is small, do not need a lot of money and a lot of people! There is such a condition has already attracted a lot of personal webmaster to do poineering work! In fact more appealing to the many the individual owners have done quite a good success, including 123 owners, 265 of the webmaster, webmaster webmaster, webmaster webmaster nets, they have made remarkable achievements, these examples have also attracted a lot of personal webmaster go Internet business line


Internet business routes are not so easy! We need technology, of course, now the Internet had a lot of CMS station program to solve the problem of personal webmaster, spend a few hundred dollars can do a very good website! So this problem is eliminated. But you know the Internet? The Internet is a virtual world, there are essential differences and some traditional industries, if you do not understand the Internet, blindly go this route, you only one route, that is death! Many believe is the understanding of the Internet, blindly follow the trend, this trend also let you quickly perish! Of course, do not rule out some personal webmaster do catch good! Including a forum of tomato garden, and the founder of the website happy net, have to admire their vision and strategy, when happy net situation very good development, these SNS sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out, but the development is also good! This is the understanding of the Internet information and understanding of the entire Internet China result


so, our personal webmaster Internet business, must have an overall understanding of the Internet! Including website operation, website promotion, website profit, have a good grasp of the overall to a website. So, if you do not understand the Internet, do not understand these basic concepts of the site, then personal Adsense in the Internet above entrepreneurship, it is difficult!


how can we get the information from the Internet? Of course, some of the above IT information websites or some Adsense stand above understand some, but these can satisfy us? The answer is no! So why from several aspects of our Internet business from the Webmaster Station began to explain:

1. Internet development and timely information developments

if we build a station, so every day we have to keep updating your website, then you will be from the above Internet learned first-hand information and some personal webmaster writing experience, so more to accelerate your growth and on the Internet to understand the first step of


two, record your experience,

if you set up a Webmaster Station, then when you know something in time, then remember to write down what you’ve learned

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