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.Cn domain has become Sadafumi, since the end of November, the Internet controversy, a major accident the first domestic Internet industry turmoil in the Webmaster Station since twenty-first Century. To meet in the teeth of the storm yesterday (December 14th) so far. Due to a series of events triggered finally led CNNIC to the.Cn domain name is no longer available in an individual’s name (or a simple process for the Internet industry) registration, this calls for a while, we as a webmaster for the storm how to think? Do the webmaster resources information network today this time happened in the simple elaboration as well as some personal views on behalf of fools, only personal views in the text, if there is what that is not the right place also please.

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is the webmaster or concern the Internet business friends all know something about that, since November, the Ministry of information industry began to carry out special rectification of domain name registration, domain name registration is not allowed to put into operation, the domain name and the webmaster for rectification is not very strange things, because this has been intermittent rectification have seen, to the end of November Chinese search engine giant Baidu will soon launch a "wind nest" system, to the early morning of December 1st formally implemented, and this update system he let the webmaster heart very upset, since December 1st, many webmaster found that Baidu search engine has good website suddenly from the Baidu search engine the disappearance of the webmaster see this Not the least trace was found., caused a public outcry, this phenomenon is generally because of cheating at station guide The search engine site was blocked, not search a site information from Baidu keyword, is not all, reflect on their own do stand has been very rules no cheating, but Baidu has always been opposed to site optimization and optimization, and to crack down on the SEO statement, a lot of old station to station block in the webmaster, obloquy a webmaster resources information network has been concerned about the latest developments in this area, because the station is "wind nest system" became the "victim" website station by K; Baidu this is more unusual, many stations of K off analysis It is without rhyme or reason. reason may be what is the problem that led to the later through various channels to know the original Baidu Baidu search engine because the replacement system leads to partial data retention is still being processed, so Temporarily in the Baidu search to some information search engine, although after a few days back but still a big blow to the webmaster, many stations are jointly organize the establishment of "anti Baidu union", improve the friendliness of the Google search engine, but here again, to bring the website in Baidu the benefits can not be ignored, the traffic statistics is not difficult to see that the mainstream search engine is our website traffic is a very important source of Baidu as the world’s largest Chinese search engine, in the Baidu search engine is an important window to understand the Internet, through Baidu website can give us a considerable flow of popularity.

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