recently saw this kind of service in Taobao, "network time worker", today we will discuss this "network hour worker",

below is an article I quoted from a recent network:

maybe your busy work I need to share, as a network of part-time, I would like to use warm attitude, sincere service, low price to meet your greatest demands! "This is the day before the reporter received a mobile phone short message.

network hourly service projects varied, "you only think, no, I can not do it."". Song download, send guests, pictures upload, instead of online shopping, text entry, pictures, PS processing, data forms, QQ, blog and so on. The service time must be one day ahead of schedule, one hour less than one hour, and one hour." In addition, after every segment of the service project is the price tag: such as download songs, text input, image processing PS relatively simple labor, each received 3 to 5 yuan fee; generation shuttle guests, the starting price of 5 yuan to 20 yuan. The reporter found that, because the Internet is most canvassing individual behavior, so there is no uniform standard fees, all online hourly fees are not the same.

has an easy monthly income of three thousand or four thousand

is a typical "network time worker" who is studying electronic information major in a university in this city". This summer vacation, he and a roommate roommate registered home shop, started the network hourly work. "Our business scope is very broad, in addition to text input, data collection, download songs, but also on behalf of hanging QQ, help play games, etc., as long as we can complete the list on the Internet, we are connected." Xiao Shen said. However, what makes him happiest is the "young gens" order, because "this kind of business is often profitable."."

reporter learned that, as with Xiao Shen, enthusiastic about the Internet hourly work, this alternative new career net friend also quite a few, they are usually students or young workers, mostly part-time. Xiao Li, a college student, is a part-time Internet worker". Before the summer vacation, because he did not find the right internship company, he would like to earn some extra money online – registered home shop, started the "network hours work", he provides services mainly online agent selling clothing. According to reports, a monthly income of three thousand or four thousand easily.

makes up for the blind spot of merchant services

it is understood that with the growing popularity of this profession, the "Internet hourly" team is growing, and even housewives use their spare time to help people take care of happy farm, blog and so on. Lawyer Qu Yueping in an interview that the emergence and popularity of this new career, mainly due to the development of Internet technology, the transformation of public life service needs. Few people ever thought of paying for their own services. Now people’s incomes have increased and the channels of information transmission have increased. Especially, some young people are more individualized in their demands for life services. In addition, this new career also compensates for the blind spot of business services

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