see in Lu Songsong’s blog today a submitted article, that is the author in asking yourself whether to insist on doing medical website editing, through this article to give the guardian thought of the webmaster friends, also is the webmaster friends website problems and make a summary.

first person felt that the article is quite confusing, but a bit wide of the mark means, this is also the case that the guardian thought of stationmaster friends had failed in the operation of the site, feel confused, of course, this is just my personal opinion, I hope we can exchange study.

we feel the Internet is relatively low threshold, and most stationmaster is the choice of friends, but most of the webmaster can be said to be completely transferred to a strange industry, even the website why there is space, do not know how to use the FTP website, as for why SEO is absolutely ignorant of, however we still as in the past. Learn to do your own web site, but really so simple?

1: how many webmaster are willing to invest in their website?

‘s investment here doesn’t include domain names and space. After all, it’s the foundation of a website. It has to be spent. So to the website of art, visual design? Change the technical problems of some procedures for site needs (not), there are some technical problems such as early, will not go to advertising (such as news sources) and so on, in many cases these are required to spend money, how many owners are willing to pay? For the operation of the website promotion, website optimization, we do not understand, then we are willing to spend money in training? Or are you willing to free learning? (there are people willing to teach for free? Free to teach you will treasure this > two: site optimization failure how to do?


for most of the webmaster, everyone in marketing this piece, pay attention to is search engine marketing, so we value SEO, but SEO is a long-term adherence to the process. See keyword ranking up, see snapshot update fast, see flow high, will be ecstatic. However, an update of the search engine, immediately became cry bitterly, everywhere scold search engine. How long will the search engine drill loopholes? How can a new station with what have good rankings? How can one do not pay attention to the user experience of the website what a good search engine traffic (don’t tell me the search engine user experience is not good, because the garbage content is created by users)? How can you at last when the update is not satisfied with their results? You know your competitors in order to be more than you will work harder than you. So, why website optimization failure, website optimization failure, how should I do? Guard that we should think about it.

three: what about the failure of website marketing operation?

here want to say, website marketing operation failure is not other, mainly is everybody didn’t make money, the website can’t go on >

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