;     I am a novice webmaster, just started to do web site. Book to use when Fang hates less, and now found to do stand, need to learn too many things, the University in the past is liberal arts, computer is also just a hobby, the real professional knowledge is still too scarce. Although found some ready-made templates, the site out, but also good, at least there is a model. But there is no traffic light station is not enough, what Baidu Google included ah, PR ah, the chain ah, website promotion ah, so everything is very confused, get about a month my station was Baidu’s included, this process is really hard!

although very hard, but this process of learning in the confusion is very meaningful, look at their website gradually realized, with the flow, it will naturally think of making money on the level, but I did not this flow, so always want to find a can and other webmaster learning exchanges the place and the promotion of their own station, then I know the webmaster nets www.admin5.com. From the first visit to Admin5’s homepage, there was a feeling of finding a home. Here basically included, so with the webmaster related articles, in time, mass, professional, deep…… I can’t find the right words to describe the information here. So every day I will soak Admin5, read the first page of the article, the home page search function also brought me a lot of convenience.

I especially love to see

experience in the article, many articles have valuable experience in the practice of the webmaster, although there are a lot of false original article, but can write pseudo original is not easy. By reading experience in the article I realized the website promotion soft article is a very important tool, especially for the novice webmaster, can have a few high of the original text, will bring to the site outside the chain of considerable. The soft Wen sent to the laggards, Admin5 such a high weight of the site, it is estimated that soon will be included, think about it, this brings the effect is obvious.

, so novice webmaster must not ignore the soft writing, soft text promotion as website promotion in the lowest cost way, function is obvious effect. Novice webmaster itself, economic basis can’t, can’t put a lot of money in the promotion, because writing soft Wen hair soft, is the novice webmaster do station of the most important.

as a novice webmaster, integrated in the Admin5 learning experience, I’ll talk about the novice webmaster write soft text need to pay attention to some of the problems.

1. must be good at writing. It’s both necessary and basic. I am a journalism graduate, said liberal arts, origin, writing is very good, this in my body I’m afraid only half an equal sign, each writing soft text is a headache, have no way to start. If the writing is not good, at least must be able to write smoothly, and clear thinking. With clear ideas, pinpoint the point of entry, >

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