I found that many entry-level WeChat public practitioners do not have a basic understanding of WeChat, is a step by step accidentally came. And now many articles do not have such a comprehensive introduction to the construction of WeChat’s operations, so this article will be WeChat public number of infrastructure and planning to do a detailed introductory remarks. What’s the difference between the WeChat public numbers?


many of the newly started WeChat practitioners will encounter a problem, I do not know should use the service number or subscription number, always tangled, in the end is registered one, or 2 are registered?.

WeChat official currently provides 3 types of public numbers: subscription number, service number, enterprise number.

subscription number: suitable for enterprise portfolio and personal, can send a message every day, with information dissemination, media information dissemination, brand publicity role, open some advanced interface.

service number: suitable for enterprises and organizations, and need to have development capabilities. Can only send 4 messages per month, with customer management functions, providing powerful product function services, support WeChat payment, build electricity supplier system, with WeChat all advanced interface.

enterprise number: suitable for enterprises, organizations and institutions, is the enterprise’s OA mobile office platform, to open up employee relations, upstream and downstream cooperation. Unlimited enterprise information can be pushed, but with limited attention, with some advanced interfaces, and collapsed into the enterprise list. WeChat operators in the opening of WeChat, according to their own circumstances to choose what the opening account.


how does WeChat public number locate?


positioning the number of public enterprises or individuals from the starting position, what is your business products, since the media can provide what kind of information, feature coverage of users, the scale of the enterprise and so on need to be considered, such as the creation account, you must first determine the account name, picture and ID these are described according to the feature set, also need to meet the user’s habits, such as the name, to meet the user’s search habits and preferences, so as to increase the exposure rate and the degree of concern. The ID also needs to be short, clear and consistent with the name.

has this sort of search ranking rule in WeChat’s public search: search keywords, >, WeChat certified >, registration time, >, and fan interaction. In the content location, also need to clear their own can provide content for example, you can provide pre-sales customer service, sales of products, services and so on, or you can provide media information of the kind of funny, professional technology or the current hot spots and so on, are required to have a clear position on their own, then you go to the construction of the public, so as to form its own distinctive characteristics.

not only starts from itself, but we also need to learn from our competitors. The enemy, know yourself ".

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