Li Jiaoshou was invited to sit in a lecture hall at the PKU Centennial lecture hall. The theme is "2016, new media is not media", and the following is the content of the lecture.

in the era of self media, many enterprises often face such problems:

"why is WeChat investing so much money that it doesn’t see the effect? Public numbers are inactive,



the first response of many people is to increase capital input and increase human input, but in fact, this is not a question of capital or manpower.

Where exactly is the



it’s not because of lack of investment.

in fact, the new media sector in many enterprises has invested heavily and even become a "public sector".



, I saw a company of WeChat lottery prize is Apple Watch, only dozens of people in the equivalent of spent 2998 yuan, only get dozens of fans, most of them will immediately cancel the attention.

is not for lack of ability, either.

in fact, many companies hire new media operators at any price, high pay, hire the best creative team, or even lead directly by a director……

a lot of times, we can’t solve a problem either because of lack of input or lack of ability, but because of the problem of looking at the problem.


, such as in war, was divided into vehicles and weapons. However, from the angle of transformation, the weapon has the carrier function, and there is a tank; the carrier has the weapon function, and there is a chariot.

same, we need to change the angle of view, re-examine the composition of an enterprise

we know that any enterprise, for its users and consumers, actually does two things:

1 to meet demand (make goods) – product department is responsible for

2 (sellers) – market information, sales and other departments responsible for


the former is "product value", the latter is "media value"".

this is the classification of most companies, is also a long way of inheritance.

what’s the problem,


since we’re going to say "change perspective", we’re going to break this category and look back at things themselves – if we >

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