seriously, it’s the second time to be a station. The first time to do a dumpster to get money, not worth mentioning.

return to the subject. To tell you the truth, I do this station is mainly in technical efforts, after all, search the novel, if you do not want to do garbage station, no point of core technology, this station where to do it?. So don’t want to promote (mainly is not time, is too heavy, just started school) Google soon included, but Baidu has not included (may be the original site online for a few days and stopped for a few months, Baidu spider "angry" ^_^), no way, as long as the time to smoke a chain. When looking for a friend chain is very passive, after all, the station Google included 21, Baidu income 0, in addition to new sites and you the same, very few people will do with you. But new station, I feel we all like this, do not use much, for your site extra points…… (professional SEO although Paizhuan, ha ha), so I looked at other PR novel station, found that there are novel station chain site navigation station, and also found two web site the chain, the chain of the first PR5 web site soon after Baidu have included. That Baidu would have come through the, not have been put out.

well, show the collection,


Baidu included: 21

GOOGLE included: 42

YAHOO included: 1

by the way, this meter is a new hand that was bought in August.

said in a chain navigation station, city site of the first PR5, the second PR4 site navigation station, the two stations are Baidu Google included a lot of (nonsense), third new PR0, and now his Google included or 0, do not know is not to be K. This situation can pr from 0 to 1, I am very excited (please allow me this bumpkin excited, after all, for the first time: PR


finally wants to say """ to the grassroots webmaster, "if you believe what you’re doing, stick to it, if you believe you’re creating value, ",

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