1, theme positioning

theme simply said, is you going to do what kind of website, what type of theme website, is the industry station or the news station, is the movie station or animation station, station or station is dating wedding, anyway, have a clear positioning, do not own a website clearly is industry of type BTOB. The main object is the enterprise access to people, businesses, is to build a bridge between the supply and demand of the enterprise and enterprise, is on the site opened a lot of personal columns, to what people as you browse the site, but eventually backfire, because the site theme positioning is not clear, spend a lot of time to develop some unnecessary functions, have made many detours. To remember a word, it is better to do small than do fine, nor do big and complete.

two, crowd location:

determines the theme and type of the website, and then we can analyze who is our last browser. Let’s think about the following questions:

1, who will come to our website? Is it a business or an individual? Is it a manufacturer, a distributor, an agent, an exhibition dealer or a foreign trade dealer, etc.

2, what’s the purpose of these people to come to our website? Propaganda enterprise, promotion products, looking for business opportunities, looking for products, checking prices, looking at prices, looking for companies, etc.,

3, what does our website provide?

4, what’s the difference between our website and other sites?

5, how do they make it easy for them to find what they want?


clear these problems, we can clearly know what is our final website visitors to our website, their goal is what and how the site planning to allow them to easily find what they want. Site planning for reference.

three, region location

Mapping of the

region is also very important, also say that your website is the local station, the station or the station; according to different region can be divided into different groups of early access, site planning is closely linked, such as local industry: an underdeveloped area, the site of the industry itself the production enterprise is very small, most of which are distributors, agents, cannot copy Alibaba, HC, Chinese building materials industry website the BTOB network model, the supply, purchase, investment, Enterprise Library as the center of gravity of the website to do, but should, according to the characteristics of local website browsing habits of people visit according to the demand, the function of planning website column structure, all to meet user needs as the starting point.

clear these three positioning, we can start the site planning, the South Building Materials Network http://s.www.jc186.cn

has more than half a year from positioning, planning, development, promotion, operation to now

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