there is no exaggeration or falsehood in this article. It’s all true,


my station opened for four years, has not been K, last year K a. Then I still did not care too much, the daily updates, more original content, because I am convinced that Baidu will not be Hu Gao, because a company is so big, and there have been able to do such a big market, there must be the eternal truth. However, hard work pays off. After 20 days, it was opened and only more than 200 were accepted. Third days ago, all data from K was restored.

so, and seriously engaged in nearly half a year. Six months later, the "non mainstream" began to heat up, so also opened a channel to provide QQ space code, 51 blog code, campus network code. Baidu began two weeks to weight is very high, but after two weeks by K, later with reason I checked, there is only one explanation, that is published on the Internet highly repetitive content, Baidu considered spam, which is K the whole station. And even the home page did not, in the true sense of plucking


later, I still insist on, and the non mainstream East all deleted, back to the original theme, insist on publishing some original article, and then carried out a certain optimization. Indeed, finally included, the income is stable, has received nearly 10000. Unfortunately, the other day was K again, and I was really confused by the reasons for K. I still insist on updating every day, so I took it again for a week, and then a few days later, and then K, and then, again, K. So repeatedly made big six, seven times.

is back now. It’s close to more than 150. I don’t know what the next update will be. What about the weight? By the way, my web site is one of the most cattle B sites, but I’m not sure why,

!Another problem with

Baidu is that the first posts on my site can search for other websites. If the bidding website, I can’t say what, but some is also very common website, even pure collection site also on my website rankings, you really don’t know, one even a collection are not necessarily in Baidu’s website weight is lower than that of the pure collection site.

when everyone called Baidu, I chose to support Baidu, because I really hope that it is not only in China’s market is the first, but also hope that it is also the first in technology.

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