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, which makes people happy and worried. Do stand the bitterness, everyone inside the struggle, hard work, in order to advance!! but when one day hard work pay, see the return is not worth mentioning when we are not sad, sad, want to give up? Right, I believe we all have this experience. Not to pay the total return? I do not see how? At that time many people will hesitate, whether to continue or give up? "Maybe I’m not suited for Adsense? Maybe we can find a good job, go to work." I once saw such a sentence in a forum. I think many people have put down the idea, but I still want to say something, don’t give up, we can’t give up! No return, that our pay is not enough, in today’s society, no matter what you do, pay one hundred, can get it, even if there is a return. If you are working for someone else, then when we can get a monthly salary of 1W, then you can rest assured, do not complacent, you have to pay more than just 1W, you are narrow to the remaining value may be 10W, 100W, or even more. Because you are the proletariat. So, in the rapid development of the network today, we found a relatively fair world, in the network, regardless of you and I will have no racial discrimination, they will be treated equally in here, just look at our ability, strong ability, has the courage to pay, will finally be king network. Therefore, I urge you not to give up the struggle on the road, you and me, we are not alone, a late night, let us work together to find the dawn of the racing together bridle to bridle,


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