Since the concept of hot media

believe that people are facing the bombing of a circle of friends for having heard it many times, the source of information, I think everyone for screening from the media also dues to a lot of thought. How to find the one that suits you best in the information source is the current mindset of many users (readers). And for more from the media, how to hold the user’s conventional mentality, and then stand out is a very important proposition.

since the rise of the concept of media not long, but this piece of Red Sea has been many people, including the team also contains individual, for grassroots media, in the resources and channels are how to make itself become the mainstream under the premise is very scarce, so many people dream of things. So, how should grassroots from the media achieve self counter attack,


keeps the content of the push and freshness sensitive.

content is the survival of the media from the soil, for grass-roots from the media, marketing and promotion is too vague, the only thing that can be grasped is content. The first prerequisite for success through content is freshness and sensitivity. The so-called reading freshness, is through the establishment of a sense of reading can let users in the field, from the media to find a sense of belonging to read, understand why diary in thousands of media culture from a space for one person gets the reason, or because of their own to understand Jane Dan Pingfan writing the release of a huge philosophy of life. Such words must be the closest to the grassroots, the most close to reality. Content is the driving force from the media, no matter how we pass through the channels to promote, the quality of the article itself is hard and hard. As for the sensitivity, it relates to the content of reading hot issue in nowadays, it is now a pursuit of efficiency of the times, since the keep itself has a thickness, but also to ensure that the article cannot lose appeal because the content of the long, perhaps in the content creation, you can try from the media colleagues under different genres change, delivery etc..

baptism of value points for users.

value is the ultimate meaning of the existence of the media in the market. Compared to the portal site, the content of the media is not enough, but since the media development is still good, in the final analysis, or because the media in the present there is a larger space for development. With the abundance of social products and the desire for information, the elite culture, which is devoted to a certain field, is bound to receive more recognition from the media. You know WeChat from the media once construction into a value of the link, for business or personal days after the development, or create more has extraordinary deep meaning of commercial value. Pine, IT, tea houses, evergreen and other media from the initial formation of grassroots help for the circle, and this is the embodiment of value. I made a statistics, if a public account for a week not to launch effective content, so he was likely to take off at ninety percent, so in the current cultural transmission and transformation and the rapid.

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