website development planning is a very important thing, without planning, it is estimated that what website can not develop, and can not develop for a long time. Site development planning, the most important thing is site function layout

what functions do I need to do? How do these functions implement step by step? Who first? Who later?. Personally, I think Baidu is doing better at this point, although what he does is sometimes garbage,

Baidu’s first search engine is the foundation of all existing features. Without search engines, there can be no other functionality. Through the search engine later developed the post bar, and jumped to the Chinese community first, had to admire Baidu. More importantly, the post bar built for Baidu to establish a user system, the user is the root of a web site, no user, what functions are in vain. Of course, a large group of users benefits from search engines;

The original

search engine users are loose, but Post Bar with its free and open to the user together, and in accordance with the hobby were divided; with the user, only the later know, music, blog and other functions; then the function is only a function of the whole network station extension some functions are strategic, but these functions to its search engine, such as Post Bar accumulated users is very easy to have a certain influence to

;The Baidu

is a step by step development of feeling is very clear, there are a lot of products like Google, but always feel disorderly, no clue, but Gmail is a very good function.

The establishment of the various functions of the Baidu

provides many aspects for the site, only by simple polymerization can build a very strong information website, Baidu 2008 general mobilization is a good example, completely is the integration of existing features, the content is very full.

The release of

Baidu HI has further developed and consolidated the user system. Baidu is now a bit like the Tencent, with the user can imitate other existing features to develop themselves, because they have a large group of users, so it is very good development, and beyond each other.

Baidu’s future C2C capabilities embody this point, and one day he will be sure to beat Taobao. Because the layout of his development is much clearer than Alibaba, simple and practical. Of course, Baidu has many features, it’s pure strategy. But these are essential;

Of course, Baidu

more powerful is that it firmly in the grasp of many webmaster, many webmaster left Baidu is a waste, so for this reason Google has been unable to Baidu what impact. There are more than one reason, of course,

has basic functions to generate user base, user group development, auxiliary functions, auxiliary functions to develop into basic functions, in the generation of new users. This is a virtuous circle. Only the development of the site into a benign

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