novice Webmaster Station is now the site has been taboo flighty and impetuous, not a few years ago so easy to do. To succeed, in addition to the confidence to win, we must continue to learn some related website optimization techniques. Here, Ali portal webmaster "wood man" combined with a few years of experience in the station, to the novice webmaster put forward a few small opinions, hoping to bring some inspiration to the novice webmaster.

first. Novice webmaster to remember, the site must choose a brief note and the name of the domain name (for example: "Ali portal" is a simple and easy to remember by pinyin). Good station names and domain names are not only good to remember, but also easy to pass around. Alibaba, hao123, Tudou, 163, Ku6, 51, Youku, Chinaz of these sites and their domain names, are very brief note that the general mind several times can easily record the domain name, so that the next visit is not through the search engine to search. Also, we need to know about the domains represented by the relevant international domain names. Not all international domain names are suitable for your website. .com (general business organization).Net (such as domain name registration network company general).Org (non profit organization or association with the domain name (.Cn) Chinese ccTLD ( three level domain name).

second. How can you do the positioning website, website localization is to determine the direction of the wrong direction may cause huge cost, for example, be perfect examples to support the required maintenance as can be imagined such a large website editors, information resources, technology, promotion and marketing and so on, because involves many industries and regions. If you want to completely done, you must have a professional person or team, it is not possible to do the job. So, the novice webmaster in the site before you want to consider, you want to do that kind of Web site, take to do the Webmaster Station, you do the download station, or do information station, or both?. For example, our team is doing the station before it has good positioning, we put the main force on the information station, and the station is done for our team to build a sub station, download this, we have a secondary, not blind to the strength of the team scattered.

third. Does your website bring convenience or useful things to Internet users?. Good navigation page, high-speed access speed and friendly web interface can effectively improve the user experience. If your new station has just been filled with advertising, especially if it is very objectionable pop-up ads, then you do not expect there will be re – customers. How to attract more repeat? Here, I have a little advice for everyone, some frequently used tool for Internet users to you on your website (for example: the webmaster site can provide the domain name query, ranking query, query and other attractions included practical station, >

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