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recently very unlucky, face network suddenly collapse, lead before Radio EC recording and to find space to upload, it also may be scrapped a. What’s more, the recent failures of podcasting websites are not a family of two, but a flock of them. Medina network seems to escape the doom, vanishing into the ranks. When you complain, talk about the podcast website.

– the first intimate contact

frankly, he’s not a man of fashion. Blogging became so popular that it took me 2 years to start my own Blog. The same is true of podcasting, which, although a few years ago, has been heard about podcasting, but true contact with podcasts is also in the months of this year (2008). In March this year, on a whim, I intended to change the English corner operation mode and put forward the idea of "Radio EC".

Radio EC = own recorded radio program + English corner + dating platform

and E are involved in friends English club, good English level. Each participant was about 15 people. Divided into 2 groups, each set of 2 moderators. Each group discussed a topic and recorded it with a professional recording pen. At the end of the English corner, the host uses a computer post editor to add music, English news, and other programs to the audience. The format of the program is varied. It can be a debate, an interview, a news or a chat. Because the crowd is relatively stable, so it is also a good platform for friends.

but after the production of the program, cyberspace is a big problem. 20M to 40M voice files, the need for the chain, while the need to maintain stability. Space is pretty hard to find. At this point we turn our attention to the many podcast sites. I also often settled in face hardships:

1. uploaded files on Sina’s podcast site, and it was soon deleted.

2. in Tudou, the longest file length is only 30 minutes. Unfortunately, our programs are usually 45 minutes (including music),

3., many "online hard disk" can not be outside the chain, it can not play online;

4. zhaolaizhaoqu, I can barely meet the conditions of face network. (although there are 3 days in which all files cannot be accessed)

After the first intimate contact between the

and the podcast site, it became a real podcast, with original content, regular releases, and, hopefully, Radio, EC, and a small audience.

– site earthquake killed face

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