himself is not, since I think is a grassroots webmaster, although only "operation" a web site.

my website (Taobao store rank: www.taobao581.cn) 09 years in August on line, there are 10 months of history, the current state is PR3, Baidu included 60000 pages, Google included 1200 pages, day search IP close to 100. Believe that senior webmaster look at these data certainly sniff at: on-line for nearly 1 years before the 100ip every day!! in fact, I also feel ashamed, but I still want to say to my site optimization way, hope master can be generous with your criticism.

words from the beginning, 09 years in August, contact Taobao passengers, but also through the inner vision began to do this Taobao guest website, then to network marketing, website promotion is completely ignorant. So when the website just came on the line, there was no "optimization" to speak of. I believe everyone can imagine it. Along with the website promotion process and I summarize the experience and lesson, has started to the website transformation process. Including manual publishing articles, constantly revised home page, and later added the Taobao API program. Web content is rich, search engines have also increased a lot, but the optimization of the site is still very rotten, from the daily search IP only dozens of this fact can be seen. Facts have proved that only in accordance with SEO knowledge, optimize the website is the only way out, the following to talk about my optimization process.

my website name changed more than once, now the website name is "Taobao shop rank net", my optimization also revolves around "Taobao shop rank" carries on. First is the home page, joined the Taobao industry in the top ten shops, its name linked to the various categories of Taobao store list. They also rewrite the web site’s title, keywords, and description. Then set up a blog, every day to send a few articles from the website home page reference, so that can increase the frequency of Baidu snapshot update. Next is to increase the chain, and this work is still in progress. How will the specific optimization effect, also can make nothing of it if a master, one can see the shortcomings of my website, please enlighten one or two, let me take some less detours, learn some experience.

finally wants to learn from the novice friends who want to make money by making websites. The website can really be used as a part-time job, whether it’s CPS, CPA ad, or Taobao. But you must make a plan before you do it. It is better to have some knowledge about website promotion and marketing. Only in this way can you avoid detours and gain more.

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