from resignation to now, I have full-time webmaster for three months, during this period, I also understand a lot of truth.

did not work, feel more freedom, their professional site of the road is in this case started, before doing the two stations, seldom go to the management work, it can be good to get their own website, have time, thinking too much, so one after another to open the two station, the beginning enthusiasm is high, the template change every day, to make yourself feel beautiful website, spent a lot of time on it, and these are ready, began to worry about the content of the website, want to own something, feel too difficult, it lost a lot of passion.

at this time, my life as before a big difference, just began to set their own schedule, perform good, slowly changed, changed with time reversed at work all night, don’t feel like sleeping late, the day did not come, maybe now there are so many webmaster, night spirit of good morning basically is to sleep, often do not go out, communicate with people outside the less.

has found that this cannot go on, contrary to my original plans, do what can not rely on the moment of interest and passion, to keep it always, think before work, always take the time to do, now have time to specialize, instead of using the above this time is not so much. Do not afraid, just look at how to allocate, before looking for time can manage two web sites, now why can’t manage two


lie down to think, why do these stations, why not do it, to find the beginning of the idea from a lot, so these two days in the adjustment, attitude adjustment, since thought, insist to do, always self motivation and self adjustment, sometimes network it’s easy to lose yourself.

full-time webmaster, site number is not important, it is important that you can hold, manage your time well, before making another site, you need to consider before the site, there is no need to do this site, first think, a good grasp of the current focus, more ideas, more try, is not a bad thing. Now that we have chosen this path, we must go on. Have not found before, and so on really do, just know, do webmaster, really very hard.

but it hurts and is happy,


finally, I wish you all webmaster friends can get better and better, no matter how bumpy the road ahead, we must go forward courageously, because this is our choice, the choice of no regrets!


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