4 in the reading of the 95 young Wu Dekan, thin, tall, tanned, met a little shy, but even sit and chat all from time to time the rhythm of the dance rhythm. Even if you look at how many eyes can not see it, Wu Dekan is a seed wheel valuation of 10 million of the game project through magic workshop CEO.

As the founder of magic workshop Technology Co., Ltd., Wu Dekan said, Warcraft

game has changed his life. Before his life is to play their own game, watching others play the game, after the encounter with the junior high school Warcraft 3 map editor, it becomes a game + play games. In the game industry financing at the freezing point, the accident smoothly get seed round financing, but also for him to bring an important turning point.

95 team to obtain joint incubation

production from 2008 the first map hero StarCraft 1 (total downloads reached 150 thousand), in 2014 to do 4.02015 years of entrepreneurial heroes hegemony after 95, CEO led a team of 95 teams, with a term of spare time to complete the development of SC2DOTA production.

in August this year, the super incubator in Ningbo launched a heroic spirit ark recruitment order channel workshop as an excellent project of Ningbo local game in the entrepreneurial teams were selected to participate in the August 22nd · NBJOY game feast; special financing will roadshow. The roadshow calm, answer humor and vigor of the investors, so that the game investment bigwigs favored a plus, the next day the Dragon capital an olive branch, a seed valuation of about 10 million yuan. China’s first focus on the gaming industry, the people’s Hospital incubator also decided to combine with the ark of the heyday of the magic kitchen.

why would choose the ark of the heyday of the super incubator, Wu Dekan said: first, I began to contact the capital through this platform, and have a sense of financing. Second, the spirit of the ark for the magic workshop to provide various services, including financing, media, marketing, legal, human resources, financial support. The most important is the spirit, the ark took me to Beijing, come into contact with many ordinary entrepreneurs to come into contact with the game big coffee sector and investors, so I have a deep understanding of the game industry and products, to realize their own team experience short board, short board and product risk, help clear planning the future of the company and product development direction."

Xie Zuoqiang, director of the

heyday ark super incubator, said: in Ningbo, such as the two or three line of the city is not a lack of magic, such as workshops, such excellent projects and entrepreneurs of the Wu Dekan. However, due to a variety of conditions, these passengers can not quickly and effectively prove their ideas, a lot of good ideas abortion. Prosperity is to think through the ark landed in this city, through investment, incubation + base + fund model for innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples to build a good platform, time to do the two or three line of the city, more entrepreneurs docking capital market shuttle. We >

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