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with the social and economic development, enterprises for employees, especially the demand for elite talents continue to increase, many webmasters have begun to invest in the construction of local recruitment websites. As everyone knows, the construction site is not difficult, open source code online is everywhere, the difficulty in the construction site. You should run this problem, that is how to make your website quickly by job seekers and local enterprises know. Is our Linyi talent network encountered similar problems early in the site, at the time of our team almost every day in the analysis of A5 issued by the relevant peer operating experience, but careful analysis, we found that A5 of the local talent recruitment website operation experience is usually of the several modes, mostly confined to the "Art". After the launch of Scindapsus algorithm in Baidu, we how to adjust measures to local conditions according to the features of the development of their respective regions to tailor a suitable local site management mode? Here we combined with the development plan of Linyi talent network we talk about some views from "Tao", in order to attract.

Rev. Location

talent website starting point is very important, this thing after the development direction of the site. To do well the first investigation of the local market, such as the industry classification, analysis of industry website, advantage and disadvantage analysis of local recruitment website, target group analysis, analysis of potential customers and so on, combined with their own site Quweicunzhen, process optimization, maximum compliance with the feelings of the audience, to invite some friends or friends to try again according to the feedback to adjust to the initial line site no longer a big adjustment, the stability of the website rankings and included very favorable.

analysis shows that although many of our local websites, but mostly a sub channel portal website, focus on local talent recruitment website is not much, this for the development of our day after it is good.

: content

After we

talent website online, we did not immediately go to the local people to pull business enterprise but do everything possible to improve the content of information filled, at least let website does not look so skinny. In fact, I do not say this we also understand that a website design is also good specious without content, naked Venus is no charm or even ugly. Also in the eyes of customers, talent recruitment network biggest charm is the talent pool, the Chinese parasol tree is not afraid of not to lead the Phoenix, therefore, we must learn to keep trees, the tree with luxuriant foliage attracts the gods.

at the beginning of the period, we are basically increase the visibility in the micro-blog platform with the local fans, for resource substitution with local web forum, to our local university student employment office will even seek docking of student organizations, to attract students and graduates to register in order to collect more information talent. Some people say that talent or enterprise information is collected on other websites, but simply copy and paste >

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