bought a toy car website at one or 200 blocks,

in December 2011, at that time, just contact the webmaster circle, and even the webmaster is not enough, can only be regarded as a just learned WordPress grassroots blogger. I do not understand SEO, nor did I want to make money online, like countless independent blog, on the Internet carefree record of their own living stream account. Until one day, I bought a friend’s garbage station.

still remember the first sight of that station when the scene, full screen keywords, rotten street green SEO templates, in addition to the domain name is also passable, in my eyes is a thorough garbage product station. But this station is different from the previous beauty, acupuncture, weight loss and milk powder stations, and it is the only place that attracts me: it sells toy cars. Believing that boys have a dream of owning a lot of toy cars when they were kids. When the friends in the group are shouting to sell the station, I do not know what the head screwed up or because other, talk a few words, actually pay just bought


two, in the eyes of experts friends, worthless

has just said that the theme of this station is to promote toy car products. Although I felt a bit of garbage, but if I look at it now, it’s really rubbish. His mother opened the door for the garbage. What about the garbage,


1, there are about fifty or sixty articles on the site, but most of them are pseudo original content, or other people’s copy.

2, the chain is basically a WordPress BBS signature. That’s understandable. I do it myself, but somehow my blog topic is related to that forum.

3, within the chain of a WP plug-in, is not for people to see, always in a very strange place to appear anchor text links.

4, friends of the chain are all similar products sold garbage station.

5, Baidu included twenty or thirty pages.

6, traffic volume is about 70IP per day, but I think most of them are obtained by mutual visits, because after I took over, traffic dropped sharply.

another friend heard that I bought the site, domain name to visit, I asked him how he was, promising friends online? Stay for a long time, finally sent two words: oh.

, but I didn’t regret it. After calm down, I carefully analyzed the reasons for buying this website:

1, I love toy cars. When I was a kid, I was crazy to see the four wheel drive cartoon.

2, then feel that the domain name is not bad.


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