UE Experience (User, referred to as UX or short) is a purely subjective mental feeling that builds up when users use a product (service). Because it is purely subjective, there are certain uncertainties. Individual differences also determine that each user’s real experience can not be fully modeled or reproduced in other ways. However, for a well-defined user community, the commonality of user experience can be recognized by well-designed experiments. With the development of computer technology and Internet, the form of technological innovation is changing. It is more and more important that it is user centered and human centered. The user experience is therefore called the essence of the "2 innovation" model." – Baidu Encyclopedia

now, almost everyone is talking about, doing the user experience, in order to have the user experience and user experience; I do not know what is the user experience, like a command; have done a few days usability improvements that leap… Of course, there are many people who are doing practical things for the broad masses of the people and doing a good job in product design.

anyway, there’s a little bit of hope in the following thinking text.

see Baidu encyclopedia entry, combined with their own experience, can be understood: user experience is through contact with a certain kind of tangible or intangible things, a range based on the user’s broader emotional overlay, with Lego blocks is the same as the stack well, can be very high, a a piece of instability, will all fall down. So, how wide is it,


1. a Book Experience: process fluency

buy myself a book, I think of Taobao and Dangdang, some people will say: "buy books, of course, Dangdang or outstanding.". I don’t think so, first of all, is the online shopping, Taobao also sells books, and can bargain, to know more details, and Dangdang not in Taobao, but if the price is too high, not Dangdang is not very cost-effective, and hurry to buy, then I will choose dangdang.

there are two points: online shopping habits, conditioned buying and selling, and home to business exchanges. These two are part of the experience.


decided to open the home page, logo, next to the "ten years quality assured low", a little warm, and this green prominent regional navigation on the left of the main core business is that Dangdang book! The color in the visual navigation and search and very comfortable, also let me quickly find what I want buy a Book – "the godfather".


– site loading speed is a big problem, Dangdang basically can open the home page in 3 seconds, a good optimization. Advertising language and color fit the domestic consumer crowd psychology, at least for me, feel: trustworthy, not too confused.

found the book I wanted, and I clicked on the purchase and went into my shopping cart with a doubt and discomfort: >

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