go on this road station is entirely because of love on the network to make money, I am a freshman, is now a second semester meeting ( http://s.admin5.com) from last year’s nightmare stories about.


is the university to know, who had to own together in high school classroom to steal sleep, together with their wall Internet, real friends in this life are those talents together with their impact on the basketball court passion (at least I understand it), so when the winter vacation last year, with the deep understanding. In the group of friends hugged together, like I do not have any income, all the expenses of all from the parents, when at the end of the holiday period, careful calculations, not do not know, only a holiday spent nearly $two thousand, is in deep remorse, scold yourself but do not make money squandering their parents money, so they set a goal for himself, the new semester to find a part-time job to support yourself, while studying, at least not to home to the cost of living, I think this idea almost every College students have,


"if unlucky, water will be the person to choke!" I don’t know who this sentence from the mouth, but I just want to shout "are right!" will be the occasion of the opening, because relatively far away from home, so I started a day early to school. I am so full of nightmare day was kicked off.


is about 10:00, I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus, take out mobile phone looked at the time, roughly calculate it, may go back to school in the evening, when the bus came, I began to get back to the mobile phone, T car stopped for a long time, lengshi people, so the car etc. people started to get up, just two or three men, one car clamoring to get off the bus, and the left push right push, squeeze the helpless!! finally on the car, always feel strange, the car about 5 minutes or so, I heard someone shouted the lost wallet, quickly asked the conductor what time lost, she said the car before, now is not, the conductor said it is certainly the time just let people steal the crowded bus, I hurried to the subconscious will hand into his pocket, not again! Another pocket, or not! I am anxious, will pocket all of the upper and lower body are not turned over, the mobile phone was stolen, the conductor said no way back, when you buy a lesson! (you take this as a warning, you can’t imagine how clever thief stealing, you strengthen the alert!)

under the bus, face fast green gas, but their own comfort, but the wallet in the bag, the lost sooner or later will be lost, and he is not a person I lost something, I gave her comfort with standard Q spirit, he is also like that.

ate something at noon, arrived at the bus stop, began to sit on the back to school car, sat in the car, and there was no cell phone to pass the time. Besides, he was already exhausted

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