1. insists on updating the content of the website every day. If it is a forum, it will increase about 10 articles every day. Article

2. adhere to the original, not to copy other content on the website (Baidu spiders don’t love the old things), if you can’t write the original article, then write some "pseudo original" articles, later copied articles on other websites, then modify their own headlines, the first sentence, replace some order, delete some content

3. have the opportunity to go to find some excellent outside the chain, enhance their PR value and so on

below to my website to illustrate the effect

January 20-3, 29 Baidu included, during this period of time, I insist on updating every day, adhere to the original or pseudo original

March 31 Baidu included, 13 continue to update, original

April 01 – April, 08 Baidu included, 104 this time, I also in my friend chain added Baidu link

April 09 – Baidu included, 1190 of my own in the Baidu site www.ityesno.cn,   1190, look at the Baidu snapshot, is March, that Baidu would have included, only now released results.

by the way, if you have the chance to do Baidu, promotion and other Baidu products, it should also be favored by Baidu.

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