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article "CEO Qin cause: vertical sites where", read after deep insights, vertical sites in a large base, although not good, but still there are so many users in a variety of industries, now, some of the large vertical sites true to life, as the Asahi generally sunny, and these vertical sites through continuous development also have their own noble temperament, this article, from the car home, talk about where several factors, as we started thinking and ideas.

first, covering a larger proportion of industry users, and higher user viscosity.

covers a large proportion of the industry users, in fact, from this passage we can see the basic industry website must have some interest in the industry, after all these are closely related to the user, when the user has a larger proportion of the demand of the industry, a large proportion also means greater competition, like glass in this industry, the industry website, there are two websites, "Chinese glass network" and "China Glass", in general the two companies are basically similar types. Usually contact enterprise users, and then they are members, and then sell some home advertising, such a way to profit.

then, continue to replicate these industry website expectations, finally realized at the same time several industries work together, make a series of platform of this success and make the whole company to achieve greater profit, and on the industry website, user viscosity also need to take training, after all, only the user factor up, can realize the browse the amount of all purchases, up, supply to play out, according to this website, there is a demand to progress, procurement is the site of the necessities of daily purchasing information in place, and then more companies will see this kind of situation, to release, and even generate membership information.

industry information, in some traditional industry, is very common, but, if some big industries have been occupied, you just can use a variety of industry information website, and then copy the website, re positioning, when these users accumulate, and then the user communication, improve influence of N> 1 of the reason, I believe you also understand.

second, the brand value of the enterprise has been highly recognized by users

in the brand value of this point, as the glass network in the glass industry, "China glass network" brand awareness website because of age, and in the front, in fact, a website brand is the unceasing accumulation, no one site is became famous overnight. Also, the brand value of customer value, in direct communication between word-of-mouth, brand name, and then further growth, but it can realize the brand, there is another kind of brand value realization.

most of the time, when want to stand in an industry, influence and exposure.

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