due to the gradual improvement of people’s living standard, people pay attention to material life at the same time, are also increasingly concerned about healthy eating habits, to stay at home, you can learn a variety of local delicacy but also at home, you can enjoy the home delivery service, so the local delicacy network more and more webmaster’s favor. How to have a unique operation and profit mode from many places in talent shows itself is every webmaster needs to solve the problem? The following Fanfan will sum up how to run the network of local delicacy.

first website keywords and Description: the local delicacy network is generally set to 3 keywords, index selection in about 200 when done early, this competition for the new station is small, can easily get the ranking! Can generally be set to Wuxi Wuxi cuisine delicacy, discount, Wuxi delicacy is mainly based on all information! Baidu search index to select specific title and description! Can be appropriate to our keywords added, which is advantageous to the site of the optimization of

second: the establishment of enrich website content in the website, basically no one will come to our website to open a shop, so when I started to shop on our own to add at the same time, we also need to increase the information about the delicacy, only the content of the website more, indexed by search engines more, we can we promotion. In fact, there are many ways to promote the following, there is a combination of the past few years, and we simply talk about

"1" online coupons: want to keep users on their website, the best way is to bring benefits to users and businesses, we can get in touch, so that they provide a lot of free or discount coupons, this coupon is basically a lot of businesses will provide, because it can not only help businesses propaganda. But also can increase the popularity of businesses, it has two


"2" by the local popular forum and website promotion Post Bar: at the beginning of the site, can be publicized through local popular forums and local Post Bar, because now a lot of the forum needs to a certain level before they can post, so early is the main brush money on these forums points, so we have a grade can post, the posted not too guanggaohua, otherwise it is easy to be deleted in the forum moderator, or Post Bar publishes some of our website for the latest discount information. Of course, if you have a strong social ability, you can make friends with the forums or administrators of the post bar, which is more powerful for your website promotion.

"3" word of mouth: This is the most primitive and the best way to promote, word-of-mouth is equivalent to a user tells another user, the effect is very good, but the site without a certain visibility is very difficult to carry out this kind of promotion, so we need to increase their brand awareness in the early stage.

"4" points for bonus promotion: in order to be able to actively post the user, comment, provide food information, we can design similar sweepstakes mode live

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