I have a website that is updated daily articles, page snapshot is updated every day, also published articles, also can reach the second (see below), but the site index and the total amount collected has been hovering around 5700, as this issue I search in the webmaster website to find the answer, is now summarized as follows:

1, the weight is not enough: Although this website can reach the second article, but this only shows that the search engine has to crawl these pages, but did not increase the total amount collected is probably because the search engines have yet to be released from these pages, simply means that although these articles included, but also in the search the engine needs, over a period of time to put out these pages. And this period of time may be the big update of the search engine.

2, the quality problem: because I this station is a news site, the inside of the most articles are collected, only a few of their original, this is an important cause of the total included not increase, so it is necessary to improve the quality of my article.

The revision of the

3, the website: this site before is a news and information classification based website, later the website program has some problems, I have been discarded, and then revised now news station, which is caused by the total is not a reason for the increased. So, if the site needs revision, try to shield spiders for a while, and then reduce the site to 0, and then put the new site on-line, so that the impact on the site can be reduced to the minimum.

The lack of

4, the chain: because I am a worker, only at the end do my site, so the time is not so enough, only update some articles, but relatively few outside the chain, which also caused a total not to increase included.

also cause the website included every day but not to increase included, and the domain name DNS stability, the stability of the server, the page or column to adjust the frequency, the title and description of the modification factors.

in a web site if you want a stable ranking, the original article is essential, in addition to ensure the stability of the space domain, as far as possible in the early establishment of the station to improve the site settings, once the on-line collection, try not to have big changes, otherwise there is a risk of K station. SEO insisted, even if your website is now no ranking, and can not be said that there is no future ranking, as long as you are in the right direction, strive forward! The author Henan network (http://s.www.yuduxx.com/) small Adidas, the view of the article are original, for reprint articles, please indicate the source, thank you


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