first made his own website, he made a lot of mistakes that he did not seem to have made with a newborn calf, not afraid of the tiger’s enthusiasm. Therefore, he took many detours, and now it is a pity to come. When you have nothing to do, summed up the mistakes made by yourself, coupled with the experience of standing in the past few years, summed up the ten major mistakes, hoping to give novice friends a reference role, less detours, more harvest.

1, excessive acquisition, lack of innovation

come over, people know that the most troublesome thing is to create content. But now the CMS variety, the function is very strong, as long as the novice webmaster spend 2 to 3 days of installation can be made a new station, collector with the same powerful, just a few days, tens of thousands of articles on hand. This is very simple, just do you want? GG and Baidu would included such content? If Baidu and GG included a large amount of it is hard to find your site, because in the same way as you do the people standing far more than you can be thousands on thousands of ah! How can others in the row in front of a website? The original content is very important, even if you are collected to manually modify, don’t be afraid of trouble, this time is not the province down, or even the best content to your station can only be garbage, can not bring value that is likely to bring you the possibility of K. In fact, do your website with you as a tour guide, encountered good attractions, just say with others that the next time you can visit, encountered bad, you have to tell others here is not good, can not come. Stand on your feet, and you can’t benefit by fixing your head.

2, site do not go to the record

a lot of people don’t take filing as one thing. It’s just like getting married without getting a marriage certificate. That when the site is small and then the record is not late, in fact, this is wrong, if your site is not for the record every day say search engine not included your station, it can not blame others only that you do not want to let you stand bigger. Whether it is for the search engine or advertising alliance have paid great attention to the website, if your station is normal without what nasty-nasty, so the record is not what is difficult to record of the site will also be included relatively much faster.

3, impractical to do link

now knows well after the website is the most important problem of promotion, and promotion is indispensable link, because everyone knows GG’s PR value is a certain relationship with the outside of the chain, to improve their website search ranking is very important. But this does not mean that the GG requires no outside chain, and what GG really needs is the quality of the chain instead of some irrelevant spam links. There are a lot of claims after registration and hundreds of high quality website can exchange links can quickly improve the PR value of the site links to the factory, it is impossible, the factory to find links throughout your website link not only affects the appearance will bring the K crisis. You think you’re smart, but neither GG nor Baidu

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