with the rapid development of the Internet, the service industry has gradually entered the local network, the greater demand for network marketing and network promotion and reasons Xiaobian today to write this article is to see a small shop in the photography network promotion, lead to the marketing method of wedding photography shop under analysis how to enter the Internet marketing share, wedding photography shop, get more traffic through the network marketing.

location analysis user group

, no matter what the industry’s business, before entering the network marketing, the industry needs to be analyzed, you need to analyze their own target groups. Wedding photography is more for young user groups, this group of users more sensitive to the Internet, so at least through the SEO optimization method to improve the ranking of the main keywords. Between photography and regional, regional key words can be more close to target groups. For example, Beijing wedding photography website main keywords "Beijing wedding photography" Baidu index 394, competitiveness is quite large, for the new station to a one-time make up this keyword, the difficulty is relatively higher, the early time can do can be keywords such as "Xidan wedding photography" etc.. First of all, through a small range of related keywords to improve the rankings, access to the corresponding search engine traffic, and then to achieve the effect of network marketing.

the right marketing method,

webmasters may feel different industry, but the marketing mode is the same, small does not agree with that argument, different industries, different user groups, will have a different way of marketing. Wedding photography marketing is more suitable for QQ space, QQ group, micro-blog, WeChat, and other social networking sites, need to publish information in crowded places, not simply issued a simple preferential information, more is needed to release from the case from the visual studio, overcome the potential target customers. At the same time, also need to prepare some beautiful words, this is the main part of the text, such as the studio, where a photo was taken, let more potential customers think, customers see picture + text that you will feel the strength, will also provide more room for imagination.

efficient flow conversion rate

network marketing is the most important thing is to improve the conversion rate of flow, wedding photography keyword selection is very important, can say keywords determines the site conversion rate in the website is not a certain weight, we should choose those who have long tail keywords conversion rate, such as we do Changsha wedding photography, we analyze keywords. Such as: Beijing and Beijing wedding photography, wedding photography studio in Beijing, Beijing, Changsha wedding wedding photography services, such words for the optimization of difficulty is relatively small, but also has very high conversion rate. In contrast, if the optimization of wedding photography, wedding photography studio, wedding photo such hot words seem meaningless, unless it is some wedding photography portal.

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