data operates just like we do with short videos. The video records each frame by camera, and the data can help us record each viewer’s actions and feedback. It’s very important for us to create short video and operate short video.

data analysis is a routine in our day-to-day operations. What are the important indicators of short video in data operations?

We provide a special

on the platform of data analyses and summary, summarizes 8 important indicators of short video operation and 67 sub indexes, and summarize the "video index" and "IP index" two categories. This article focuses on video metrics".

video index of 5 important indicators:

inherent property

play volume index

playback completion index

interactive data

correlation index

1, intrinsic data

this is the fixed index that we produce in the process of video production and release and can not be changed by external forces. For example, release time, video time, and distribution channels. This is the video after the release of both fixed attributes.

2, the amount of play related indicators

video after the completion of the release to all channels, and then we are most concerned about is the amount of play". Video playback should be evaluated in two ways:

actual results, that is, the cumulative amount of play.

relative amount of play, contrast play.

took our team’s content in April for example, with 110 thousand of Sohu channels broadcast. The cumulative amount of play on 110 thousand Sohu is a result. To understand the reasons for this result, we need to pay more attention to the details of the video’s performance.

Figure 2 is the daily volume of the video statistics, figure 3 is the video playback hours in the highest amount of hours of play statistics. You can see that the video was released in April 10th, and the real volume started in April 11th, and there were three times in April 11th.

next, we’re going to make a comparative study of this video:

(1) compares the playback of video over the same period

can see, since the release of this phase of video, the whole network cumulative play amount to 23W, the main broadcast channels in addition to Sohu, there are headlines, the United States shot, the amount of play tens of thousands of.

(2) compare phase >

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