some ideas about WeChat’s operations and micro-blog’s operations (don’t like it)


1, most enterprises have been "a false proposition to harm the enterprise from the media. These companies forget the nature of social products, and the rush to become what they call "self media" has turned their content into a self deception spree. Whatever it is, throw it on the social network and don’t check whether consumers are really interested in their leaders’ visit to South africa.

2, apple, submarine fishing, SF, these three companies is really successful in social networking. They are not deliberately building the so-called "micro-blog matrix", there is no competitive products between users and instigated a war of words. For those on the apple iPhone 5 people not to Tucao triumph as a director to the sea fishing, ask people to forget the taste itself and enjoy praising their services, SF courier salary is still a puzzle, but the brand has long been popular.

3, the client always wants to attract the attention of the user in the social network, but not every brand or product can have such effect. The sea from the car to move to the delivery site to fold origami deduction outing meal, the first is the service innovation, and rely on the word of mouth marketing. The social network is need others to say who you are, not to boast, so when you want to blockbuster, you must first think of innovation in


4, the virus is the social network spread big killer, but the real virus, unless it is from innovation, and can make the consumer exclaim, or have a strong topic. For example, iPhone6 listing needs to do their own viruses? In addition, subversion, subversion, everyone’s awareness of your brand, those spread positive energy so-called viral video one hundred percent are out of the brush!


5, since you decide to enter the social network, don’t expect to be praised and worshiped every day. The greatest Jobs was reviled. If your competitors hire you send a Navy day forward start making your negative, how do you? You are caught a small mistake may also spread out the moment. So there is no nerve fiber or away from here, not to the so-called zero negative in the first place.

6, we often push the problem to the user, saying that this is not what we want to do, it is the user’s demand. Excuse me, before we say so, do we really reach a consensus with our clients? Any matter involving a and B parties, the real success is the effort of both sides. Similarly, failure is also the responsibility of both parties. So, before you start the action, discuss with your party what we want from the social network, not the contract.


7, the bottom line in the standard way, jianfengshiduo is the fundamental principle of social network. Whenever successful content marketing, is most closely linked to hot or if you want to interact with opinion leaders, but it’s hard in the social network.

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